Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Texas Blue Dogs from 1925

The Texas Blue Dogs are truly a cryptozoological mystery for the ages. They are described as hairless canines with large, protruding teeth, a bluish grey colored skin, and sometimes a backwards facing pouch on their stomachs. They supposedly move in a strange hopping/walking motion in many cases. For the majority of researchers, the mystery of the Blue Dogs began in the mid to late 1990s, but there is a case which could change that... from 1925.

On a farm near Greenwich, New Jersey, a strange creature was shot as it attacked the farmer's chickens. The creature was described as a dark colored canine. Here is the farmer's description, 
"It... hopped [in a] kangaroo fashion. Its fore-quarters were higher than its rear and the latter were always in a crouched attitudeIts hind feet had four webbed toes. its eyes were still open and very yellow and its jaw is neither dog, wolf, nor coyote. Its teeth are most curious, as the crushers in the lower jaw each have four prongs into which the upper teeth fit perfectly."
The story is very interesting and could show that the Blue Dogs are older than previously thought. I could find no mention of hair, but other than that, the description fits quite well.

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  1. First I have heard of the NJ incident. Pretty cool.