Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders by David Weatherly

David Weatherly is one of the biggest names in the paranormal field. He is especially known for his research into very mysterious and terrifying paranormal phenomena such as tulpas, skinwalkers, and the black eyed children.
I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Weatherly at the recent Dogman Symposium. He gave an excellent talk on skinwalker lore and encounters. While at the the symposium, I got to briefly chat with Mr. Weatherly and purchased two of his books; Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders. 

The Black Eyed Children book is an excellent examination of one of the most unusual and horrifying recent paranormal occurrences. You can read my brief explanation of the Black Eyed Children here.
Weatherly examines ever possible aspect of the children in the book. From djinn to fallen angels, teen pranksters to curses, demonic presences to the Evil Eye; he looks at it all.
Black Eyed Children is an excellent, groundbreaking book and should be on the shelf of anyone interested in the dark side of the paranormal.

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Strange Intruders is a culmination of Weatherly's research on entities known as "Ultraterrestrials". The book examines shadow people, black eyed children, djinn, monkey-men, reptilians, and more. It is a perfect companion to his Black Eyed Children book and any of John Keel's work.

You can find David Weatherly at this link.

You can buy his books at this link.

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