Friday, March 31, 2017

New Publications of Mine

New "Animals and Men" issue was just released! Excellent articles and interesting ideas. I also had an article included in the issue, titled "Jumping to Conclusions: Could Kangaroos explain the American Dogman Phenomenon?" I was quite happy with how it turned out. Jon even included an accompanying comic strip. You can read it here.
The full table of contents is as follows:
2. Contents
3. Faculty
4. Editorial
9. Newsfile: New and Rediscovered
16. Newsfile: Chupacabras
19. Newsfile: Man Beasts
21. Newsfile: Mystery cats
23. Newsfile: Aquatic monsters
29. Newsfile Xtra (1): The Scottish “Polar Bears”
31. Newsfile Xtra (2): The Philippino“Polar Bears”
36. Watcher of the Skies by Corinna Downes
54. Phantom Black Dogs in the Netherlands by Loes Moddermann
65. Jumping to Conclusions: Could Kangaroos explain the American Dogman Phenomenon? by Colin Schneider
68. Phantom Kangaroos by Scott Kroll
78. Ape Canyon Feature Film seeks Financing by Harrison Demchick
71. Still on the Trail of the Tasmanian Wolf by Richard Freeman
81. Duties for Regional Representatives—A Discussion Document
82. Letters to the Editor
89. Reviews
92. Recent books from CFZ Press

Also, a new issue of the wonderful Cryptid Culture Magazine was released a couple days ago. I recieved mine in the mail and loved it. I had an article in there called "The Monsters of the Fay" about how cryptids and faerie lore could be connected. You can check it out here.
The full table of contents is as follows: 
6: Monsters of the Fay by Colin Schneider
9: The Water Hounds of Ireland by David Weatherly 
13: Dragon Puppet Theater by Jason Ropp
16: Clergy of the Deep: The Sea Monk and the Bishop Fish by John Meszaros
20: The Van Meter Visitor: A Case of High Strangeness by Kevin Nelson
26: A Brief History of SasWhat by Mark Matzke (I was recently featured on that excellent podcast which you can hear here.)
30: Cryptid Poetry by Richard Stevenson
33: Robroy Menzies, Crypto Artist by Robroy Menzies
41: Cryptozoologist: A Documentary
42: Water Monsters by Robert Robinson
46: Disney Cryptids by Scott C. Marlowe
55: The Green River Monster by Zach Bales

Both magazines are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone interested in cryptozoology or the weird. 

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