Thursday, December 22, 2016


As many of you know, I am good friends with Ronald Murphy, the fairly well-known cryptozoologist from Pennsylvania who has written numerous books and has appeared on a plethora of podcasts. We are working on a book together as well as several other projects.
The time has come to announce one of those other projects... Ronald and I are getting our own podcast! The show will air sometime in January and will be aired on the Paranormal UK Radio Network.

We are calling the show Inside the Goblin Universe and will be discussing various strange and unusual aspects of the world of the paranormal, cryptozoology, and ufology with a focus on the idea of the Goblin Universe, which is a proposed alternative universe from which anything that goes bump in the night comes from. We have a handful of episodes recorded already and have some great guests including Jonathan Downes and Timothy Renner.

I will do updates about when the shows are released and any other relevant news as it happens, so stay tuned!

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