Thursday, December 22, 2016


As many of you know, I am good friends with Ronald Murphy, the fairly well-known cryptozoologist from Pennsylvania who has written numerous books and has appeared on a plethora of podcasts. We are working on a book together as well as several other projects.
The time has come to announce one of those other projects... Ronald and I are getting our own podcast! The show will air sometime in January and will be aired on the Paranormal UK Radio Network.

We are calling the show Inside the Goblin Universe and will be discussing various strange and unusual aspects of the world of the paranormal, cryptozoology, and ufology with a focus on the idea of the Goblin Universe, which is a proposed alternative universe from which anything that goes bump in the night comes from. We have a handful of episodes recorded already and have some great guests including Jonathan Downes and Timothy Renner.

I will do updates about when the shows are released and any other relevant news as it happens, so stay tuned!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Name change

Since I started this blog, it has been named Paranormal101. Over time, I realized the problems with this name; it isn't unique, nor is it completely accurate to what I actually do with this blog. Because of this, I have changed the name of the blog to Crypto-Kid. For those of you who know Ronald Murphy, you probably noticed the similarity to his moniker Crypto-Guru. That was done on purpose. Ron and I work closely together and will be heading several projects in the upcoming new year that are to be announced.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wildmen, Dinosaurs, and Legend Tripping: My Six Favorite Books from This Year

This year has had some fantastic new releases from sone of the best crypto-authors out there. Here is a roundup review of my six favorite books from this year in no particular order. 

On Wildman: Tracking Bigfoot Through History by Ronald L. Murphy Jr. 

As I stated in my previous review of On Wildman, Ron's excellent study of Bigfoot throughout history is a treat for anyone interested in Bigfoot, mythology, or cryptozoology in general. 

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts: Encounters with Cryptid Creatures by Ken Gerhard

Ken Gerhard's takes his readers on a global adventure in his third solo book; A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts. Ken covers nearly every kind of creature you could imagine; Ape-Men; Dogmen; black panthers; sea serpents; Thunderbirds; and even giant spiders. Menagerie is written in Ken's no-nonsense tone but doesn't lack any bit of excitement or strangeness.

I especially liked that Ken strayed away from the well known and popular cases and creatures. He examines some of the weirdest stuff you will ever find in a cryptid book... and that's saying something. 

Beyond the Seventh Gate: Exploring Toad Road, the Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties by Timothy Renner

When Timothy Renner first heard "don't look behind you on Toad Road," instead of just shrugging off the strange superstition, he questioned why. From there, he went through a long and weird journey not only on Toad Road but on some others as well. Are there really Seven Gates of Hell in York county? What is an Albatwitch? And, why shouldn't you look behind you on Toad Road? Find out in Timothy's excellent investigation into the truth behind the legends.

This book is an excellent example of cryptid/unexplained investigation done right. Timothy looks into any and all possibilities into the handful of urban legends and folklore that exist within York, Adams, and Lancaster Counties. I read this book in one sitting, it was THAT good. 

Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure by Robert C. Robinson

Legend tripping: (Noun) to go or participate on a quest or adventure for something which has defined a mystery or legend and not verified or explained by science. In his highly detailed guide into how to begin legend tripping, Robert Robinson goes above and beyond that definition. He gives brief explanations of popular legends, how to perform a trip, and how to have fun doing it. He examines all kinds of legend trips including cryptid, paranormal, and UFO trips. Robert also tells stories about some legend trips he has been on.

This book is for both the novice and experienced in any kind of legend tripping field. The book is an entertaining read for anyone interested in the stranger side of the world. 

Still in Search of Prehistoric Survivors: The Creatures that Time Forgot by Karl P. N. Shuker

In 1995, Karl Shuker released what many agree to be his greatest work; In Search of Prehistoric Survivors. The book soon went out of print and became a much-sought-after piece. Finally, after 21 years of waiting, Shuker has released an updated version of the book. Considering the fact that I loved the first one, it was a given that I would also love the revised edition.

One of the many things that made Shuker's work unique — besides it being the only book of its kind — is the careful examination that he goes through of each potential survivor. He also doesn't only look at extinct animals for possible explanations. Shuker presents a truly balanced piece of cryptozoological writing that deserves a place on everyone's shelf. 

Nessie: Exploring the Supernatural Origins of the Loch Ness Monster by Nick Redfern

As I've stated before, Nick Redfern never ceases to disappoint me with his work; I love his Chupacabra Road Trip, Monster Book, and everything in between, but this book was special. From the moment it was announced, I knew I HAD to have it. When I finally did get it at the Mothman Festival, I stayed up all night reading in the hotel bathroom so I didn't wake my father. I've always been interested in the Loch Ness Monster but had never been convinced that there was anything actually there; this book changed that for me.

Nick goes through the extensive history of the Loch Ness Monster, looking at not only modern sightings and evidence but also ancient legends such as the kelpie or Nessie's encounter with a Saint. I loved this book and if you like lake monsters, you will too!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them: The Truth Behind the Hit Movie's Fascinating Creatures.

Earlier this week, I got my inner wizard on when I went to see the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie, set in the 1920's, follows wizards Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein, and No-Maj Jacob Kowalski on a hunt for a variety of magical creatures who have been set loose in New York City. I thought the movie was an excellent addition to the vast world of Harry Potter and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fantasy movies or the Harry Potter series. That being said, while I was watching the movie, I noticed that there were several magical creatures that reminded me of actual cryptids. So, here are five creatures from the movie that actually resemble real cryptids.


In the film, the Demiguise is an ape-like creature from the Far East. They are known to be very shy and uses their ability to turn invisible to hide from humans. From the first scene that included the Demiguise, I knew it was inspired by the legends of the Yeti from the Himalayas. As everyone knows, the Yeti is a large ape-like creature that dwells in the mountainous regions of Nepal and surrounding countries. Not only is the physical resemblance similar (at least considering the common depiction of the Yeti) between the two, the Demiguise acts quite similarly to what one would assume a Yeti would act. 


The Occamy is another creature from the "Far East", but this time it looks like a large, winged serpent. I thought the creature was similar to a Naga. The Naga are serpent deities in some southern, central Asian cultures, particularly the ancient interpretations of the religions of the area. In cryptozoology, the Naga is used for snake-like lake monsters in the area, most notably the Mekong River in Thailand. 

Swooping Evil

In the movie, the mysterious Swooping Evil is used by Newt to get out of some tough spaces. The name is also the subject of a running joke throughout the movie. While the geographical origin of the creature is never really given, the name and appearance of the creature bring to mind images of the cryptid Kongamato. The Kongamato, meaning "breaker of boats," is a flying creature from the Congo of Africa. The creature itself is described as vicious and appears to be reptilian. Many associate the Kongamato with a possible surviving pterosaur. 


Another escaped creature from the movie is the Erumpent. The Erumpent is an adorable rhinoceros-looking creature from Africa. The creature resembles another African cryptid known as the Emela-Ntouka. The Emela-Ntouka is a gigantic creature from the savannahs of Africa. It is said to be about as large as an elephant, but much deadlier. The Emela-Ntouka is identified by a large horn on its snout, resembling that of a rhino's. 


Finally in the movie we got to see one of my favorite cryptids displayed on the big screen in all its glory: the Thunderbird. In the movie, Newt rescues a Thunderbird who he names Frank, and tries to return him to his proper home; Arizona. Thunderbirds, birds of enormous size from Native American legends, were said to cause thunder and lightning just by flapping their huge wings. In legends, the birds were described to be big enough to blot out the sun, but in modern times the size is described as having a wingspan of fifteen to thirty-five feet.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rundown of actual cryptids and their representations in the movie. My next post is going to be a couple of book reviews, I'm not sure when it'll be out, but it should be soon. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

I'm Sorry for Not Posting!!!!

Hi everyone... I am deeply sorry for not posting for over a month, but I've been pretty busy.

Early last month I was frantically finishing an article I penned for the wonderful Cryptid Culture Magazine (which you can now purchase here.) I share the pages of the magazine with the likes of Loren Coleman, Lyle Blackburn, and my good friend Brian Parsons. Go check it out! My article is called "The Chupacabra's Cronies" and discusses various vampiric cryptids besides the Chupacabra such as the abominable Chicken Man and the Beast of Bladenboro.

After that, I had my birthday and then my wisdom teeth got removed (and, of course, school) so the entire month just got eaten away.

I still have to catch up in school for missing when i got my wisdom teeth out, but I should be putting up more frequent posts about our world of the wonderful and weird soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mark A. Hall: One of the Greats

It seems too often these days the cryptozoological community is effected by the passing of one of our own: Smokey Crabtree passed in January of this year, Rob Riggs passed in November of last year, and the Sasquatch Chronicler, John Green, passed in June. There were unfortnuately many more. I never got the chance to meet any of these three gentlemen, but their passing effected my anyway, if only as a kid who was influenced by their works and hopes to one day be lucky enough to stand atop the shoulders of the cryptozoological giants they truly were.
We have, unfortunately, lost another one of the greats; Mark A. Hall.
Despite the fact that I never met Hall, he still greatly effected my life and how I came up into the field, cautious but also open minded. I remember reading Hall's works when I was still in grade school; he was a huge influence on my development as a researcher as well. His research and books all fascinated me and intrigued me.
Loren Coleman, in his lovely obituary to the life and research of Hall, said, "it may be years before the younger researchers realize what a loss this is..." Trust me, Loren, I realize.
Hall was always a groundbreaker in the field, exploring new or largely ignored ideas and topics or shedding new light on well established topics. The field will never be the same without him.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mothman Festival #15: A Riotous Good Time

As many of you should be aware, the 15th annual Mothman Festival was this past weekend. I attended and had a wonderful time at it. The fest was huge this year, estimations as to how many attended range from 9,000 to 11,000 people. Honestly, that is unparalleled anywhere else!
The lineup of speakers was also jam-packed with some of the biggest names in the field: Ken Gerhard, Nick Redfern, Loren Coleman, Stan Gordon, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, George Dudding, Joedy Cook, and Fred Saluga are just some of the many who spoke this weekend.
There was also numerous excellent vendors at which I spent way too much of my money at. I bagged much more loot than last year, I got a total of 13 new books (including Nick Redfern's Nessie and Women in Black and Ken Gerhard's A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts), a couple t-shirts from Eerie Eric (the Bob Ross of Bigfoot!) and many assorted stickers for my laptop. Out of everything I purchased, the coolest thing that I now own is a second edition copy of Gray Barker's famous They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers which is actually autographed by Barker himself!

I had a blast catching up with Stan, Ken, Nick and everyone else. I also got a chance to meet some awesome people; Tyler Houck (who runs the excellent blog Tyler's Cryptozoo), Sean Forker (co-host of Arcane Radio) and Robert Robinson (who wrote the awesome book Legend Tripping). I also got to visit the TNT area and check out one of the famous 'Igloos'.

I had a great time and would recommend the festival to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Mothman or anything else that goes bump in the night.

Nick Redfern and I

Displaying IMG_0548.jpeg
Tyler and I hanging out

Friday, September 16, 2016

Podcast and Conference

As previously mentioned, I appeared on Spaced Out Radio the other night with Ron Murphy. I had a blast. Despite being a little nervous at the beginning, as the three hours went along, I got more comfortable and we got the chance to discuss many different topics that are near and dear to me. If you didn't get a chance to listen live, you can listen to the archived version here.

I am also going to be speaking at the East Coast ParaCon. Ron Murphy will be unable to speak at the event, so I will be taking his place. I hope to see some familiar faces in the audience. You can find the East Coast ParaCon's website here. This also means that I won't be at the Minerva Monster Festival as I have previously stated.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Update: Extreme Craziness Lately

It has been almost over a month since I last updated the blog; I apologize profusely for this. Life has hit me with an obscene amount of work so when I have a couple minutes free, I relax instead of blog. I am vowing to stop that, I am going to post something at least once a week, if not more.

So, what have I been doing other than ignoring the blog? Quite a bit.

  • I have a significant portion of my book finished (at last count I have about 5 chapters in a somewhat state of completion)
  • I gave my first (planned) public talk at a recent MENSA regional gathering two weeks ago and will hopefully be posting the entire recorded lecture for your viewing entertainment soon
  • I wrote the forwards for two excellent books by two excellent researchers; On Ghosts: The Spirit World Though History by Ronald L. Murphy Jr. and The Ohio Monster Guidebook  by Tyler Houck. Tyler's book isn't out yet but you can purchase Ron's book here
  • I am working on two different articles which I am currently attempting to get in to either FATE or Cryptid Culture Magazine
  • I will appearing on Spaced Out Radio tonight (technically tomorrow) from 12 am to 3 am with Ron Murphy. After the episode airs I will be posting the link to the archives where you can listen to it after the fact. You can find out more about the episode here. You can also find Spaced Out Radio here
  • I am also working on a book with Ron Murphy about the possible connection between the fairy world and cryptids. The working title is currently Beasts of the Faerie Realm. We are hoping to have this out by next Feburary 
  • Finally, I am going to be a regular contributer to the upcoming YouTube series On the Track... which is the Centre for Fortean Zoology's weekly cryptid news show
While pleanty of great things have happened, there is also something that put a slight damper on everything. As many of you are aware, Ron Murphy was putting together a conference in Blairsville, Pennsylvania in October, at which I was scheduled to speak. Unfortunately, due to the town's apparent dislike of the idea of a paranormal conference and a problem with finding speakers at the last minute, the conference has been cancelled for the time being. Ron and I are working on putting a conference together around May/June 2017, as a replacement for the one in October. 

Finally, here are several stills from my talk:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders by David Weatherly

David Weatherly is one of the biggest names in the paranormal field. He is especially known for his research into very mysterious and terrifying paranormal phenomena such as tulpas, skinwalkers, and the black eyed children.
I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Weatherly at the recent Dogman Symposium. He gave an excellent talk on skinwalker lore and encounters. While at the the symposium, I got to briefly chat with Mr. Weatherly and purchased two of his books; Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders. 

The Black Eyed Children book is an excellent examination of one of the most unusual and horrifying recent paranormal occurrences. You can read my brief explanation of the Black Eyed Children here.
Weatherly examines ever possible aspect of the children in the book. From djinn to fallen angels, teen pranksters to curses, demonic presences to the Evil Eye; he looks at it all.
Black Eyed Children is an excellent, groundbreaking book and should be on the shelf of anyone interested in the dark side of the paranormal.

Image description

Strange Intruders is a culmination of Weatherly's research on entities known as "Ultraterrestrials". The book examines shadow people, black eyed children, djinn, monkey-men, reptilians, and more. It is a perfect companion to his Black Eyed Children book and any of John Keel's work.

You can find David Weatherly at this link.

You can buy his books at this link.

Monday, August 8, 2016


As some of you may know, I love lists, charts, graphs and maps. I like the organization and flow of information. If you have ever been to a conference that I was also at, you may have noticed that I a frequently handing out packets of paper to friends and fellow researchers. These are lists I have created, among other things. As of right now, I have compiled two different lists, one about Ape-men and another about diminutive humanoids. They are essentially descriptions of regional creatures with a brief examination. I think they are incredibly handy for research so I have decided to make my lists public. I have links to each of the lists on my sidebar and you can also find them by clicking the links below:

If you read over them, use them in research, or find them useful in any way, please let me know, I would love to hear about how I have helped anyone's research. Also, please credit me if you use my information for research or a publication. 

If you have any suggestions for additions to the list, please let me know as well. I am constantly trying to expand the lists and make the most definitive collection I can. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Books, UFOs, Werewolves, and Ghosts (What I've Been Up to Lately)

I know posts have been few and far between, unfortunately that will have to continue for another week or so. I have been incredibly busy with working on my book and some personal stuff that suddenly came up.

Regarding my book, I have about three chapters drafted so far and I plan to have another six drafted by the end of next week. I might post a brief preview of one of the chapters sometime in the future.

So what have I been doing other than writing my book?

I went to the Kecksburg Festival last week. It was a blast. I spent the entire time hanging out with my good friends Ron Murphy and Dr. Brian Parsons. I purchased Parsons' excellent E4 Method book which I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn proper interviewing and investigative methods for witnesses.

I also went to the phenomenal Dogman Symposium which was put on by my friend Ken Gerhard. It was honestly one of the best cryptid events I have been to. All of the talks were engaging and fascinating (which is rare for conferences, there is normally one or two talks that were duds). I got to meet a could legends in the field like David Weatherly, John Tenney, and the awesome Linda Godfrey! The talks were as follows:

  • John Tenney: Michigan Dogman (but he also talked about elves and zombies)
  • David Weatherly: Native American Skinwalkers
  • Linda Godfrey: Beast of Bray Road and other Dogmen
  • Ken Gerhard: Beast of Gevaudan
  • Nick Redfern: Werewolves and Hellhounds of the UK
  • Stan Gordon: Cryptids and UFOs of Pennsylvania
If you missed the Symposium, you missed out on one of the best cryptid events in the area! I can't wait until next year! I got a bunch of books at the event: I won a copy of the excellent In the Domain of the Lake Monsters by John Kirk, I also got Beast of Bray Road and Michigan Dogman by Linda Godfrey, Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders by David Weatherly and an advance copy of Nick Redfern's The Monster Book. Needless to say, I have a lot of reading ahead! I will be writing reviews for each of the books as I complete them. 

I am also preparing to speak at the Blairsville Paranormal conference which is being run by Ron Murphy. Also, I'm writing the forward for Ron's upcoming book On Ghosts

Needless to say, I will be extremely busy. The next event I will be at is the Mothman Fest in September and the Minerva Monster Fest the week after. 

I have a lot of work to do, I better get back to it! Until next time, stay weird. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Texas Blue Dogs from 1925

The Texas Blue Dogs are truly a cryptozoological mystery for the ages. They are described as hairless canines with large, protruding teeth, a bluish grey colored skin, and sometimes a backwards facing pouch on their stomachs. They supposedly move in a strange hopping/walking motion in many cases. For the majority of researchers, the mystery of the Blue Dogs began in the mid to late 1990s, but there is a case which could change that... from 1925.

On a farm near Greenwich, New Jersey, a strange creature was shot as it attacked the farmer's chickens. The creature was described as a dark colored canine. Here is the farmer's description, 
"It... hopped [in a] kangaroo fashion. Its fore-quarters were higher than its rear and the latter were always in a crouched attitudeIts hind feet had four webbed toes. its eyes were still open and very yellow and its jaw is neither dog, wolf, nor coyote. Its teeth are most curious, as the crushers in the lower jaw each have four prongs into which the upper teeth fit perfectly."
The story is very interesting and could show that the Blue Dogs are older than previously thought. I could find no mention of hair, but other than that, the description fits quite well.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Has the Beast of Bodmin Moor and Exmoor Mystery Been Solved?

A new article has popped up suggesting that the infamous anomalous big cats (ABCs) of Exmoor and Bodmin Moor are pumas that were released in 1978. Here is the beginning of the article:
For years, the rumours of big cats roaming Dartmoor and savaging livestock have been dismissed as sheer fantasy, no more credible than claims of the existence of the Loch Ness monster.
But the doubters may have - dare one say it - paws for thought. 
For the claims that Big Cats are roaming free may actually be true while the mystery of how they got to Dartmoor and nearby Exmoor and Bodmin Moor solved at last.
It is now claimed that three pumas were released onto the wilds of Dartmoor by Mary Chipperfield, the famous circus owner, after her zoo in Plymouth was forced to shut down in 1978.
You can find out more information here.

I personally think it is a possible explanation for some but not all cases of ABCs in the area. If the cats were released in 1978, it doesn't explain the numerous sightings prior to that date. It is an interesting fact to keep in mind, but not the absolute answer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Vampiric Cryptids

In 1995 the world was shocked by startling news released out of Puerto Rico... livestock was being slaughtered frequently throughout the island, and all the deaths had one thing in common: the corpses were completely drained of blood. Thus the legendary Chupacabra was born and the grotesque sucker of goats has quickly clawed its way into being a staple of cryptozoology. Stories of livestock drained of blood, supposedly by some sort of creature have spread across the globe and are frequently making the news.

Unfortunately, tracking down specifically what the term 'Chupacabra' refers to is difficult. The translation means "goat sucker" but the term has been used loosely for any strange looking animal. The media frequently uses the term as a catchall for any normal animal with mange and has been captured and researchers like to use it for any creature that appears dog-like or gargoyle-like but is extremely unusual for any other classification. For that reason, I generally prefer to avoid the use of the term.

Another problem with the Chupacabra is that many people assume that since the term and media attention came along in 1995, the phenomenon started around that time. That isn't true. Vampiric livestock attacks have a very long history in cryptozoology. The focus of this post is to share a few examples prior to 1995.

  • In the months of November and December, 1905, sheep were being massacred on farms around the area of Badminton, England. The police suggested it was an escaped jackal but no such jackals were reported at the time. Huge, black dogs were also seen around the area, some on the same day as attacks.
  • Bladenboro, North Carolina had a rash of dog mutilations in 1954. Dogs were frequently found ripped to shreds or cut open with their blood drained. At the same time, shrieks and strange shadowy creatures were seen in the surrounding forests. The media quickly blamed a lynx that was killed as the attacks ceased but law enforcement accused feral dogs.
  • The story of the 1970-1971 Chicken Man attacks is a personal favorite of mine. In El Reno, Oklahoma, farmers began to find their chicken coops raided and their birds either missing or ripped open and drained of blood. No culprit was ever seen but huge, ape-like tracks were found at multiple scenes. 
  • During the 1972 Bigfoot wave in Roachdale, Indiana, a farmer and his family found over 100 of their chickens ripped open and drained of blood. The grisly scene was discovered after they went to investigate a strange sound coming from the coop. As the farmer got closer to the coop, he saw a giant, manlike creature in the doorway and as it walked away, the farmer fired upon the strange intruder. 
  • Our last case is probably the most famous of this list, but is still stuck in obscurity. An enormous farm known as Bodalog, situated in mid-Wales, was plagued with a supposed vampiric beast from the depths of a nearby river. In 1988 the unseen creature murdered at least 35 sheep with only a small incision-like bite to the sternum. Many have suggested that the creature might have been some unknown species of snake, but since the creature was never seen, the mystery to its origins will remain unsolved.
There is an abundance of cases where livestock, poultry, or pets are killed, mutilated, and sometimes drained of their blood by supposed unknown animals. I have logged close to 150 individual cases simply by looking through the books I own. Unfortunately the subject have been largely ignored or, due to its popularity, the cases have been tainted by the Chupacabra. 

Because of this, I have decided to put my previous idea for a book aside for the moment a focus on my research on this diverse subject. I have begun writing a rough draft for a book focusing on these cases and discussing various explanations as to why these things happen. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I am now a Published Author!!

I recently wrote an article about dogmen and werewolves in Ohio and had it published in the official journal of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. I am extremely excited about being a published author.

You can find my article here. The article is titled "Ohio Dogman"

Please comment and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Journey Around America

Vacation time is always one of my favorite events of the year, three years ago I went to Maine and got to visit the International Cryptozoology Museum. I always try to incorporate my paranormal interests and my recent trip was no exception.
I had the privilege of visiting three of the most historically important cities in America; New Orleans, Gettysburg, and Washington DC (all three of which are considered to be "the most haunted city on Earth" according to all the postcards and tourist traps).

On my visit to New Orleans, I visited a vampire boutique (where I purchased a guide to the paranormal aspects of the city), a handful of voodoo shops, and a witchcraft store (where I got a copy of Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune). We also visited the Audubon Zoo which had an excellent exhibit on the Rougarou (a Cajun version of the werewolf. The term is derived from the French Loup-Garu) and Bigfoot's three-toed cousin, the Honey Island Swamp Monster. Needless to say, I got suckered into purchasing a Rougarou T-shirt.

My Gettysburg trip was fairly brief because it was a short stop on the way to visit some friends who live in Harrisburg, PA. We visited a Civil War museum, saw some of the statues and monuments, and went to numerous ghost shops. Gettysburg, interestingly, has no less than five different ghost stores as well as a handful of Wiccan, fortune teller, and other paranormal related venues (and an excellent comic book store). Needless to say, if you are looking for ghost-hunting equipment or a ghost-hunting team to join, you should probably move to Gettysburg.

When we visited Washington DC, we didn't do anything paranormal focused but we did visit a handful of monuments, the National Zoo, and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (which, unfortunately, did not have any of their prehistoric animal exhibits available to the public due to revisions in the exhibits). The Museum did have a couple sections that were of interest to cryptozoologists, though. They had a neat display about the coelacanth and giant squid, a fascinating exhibit about the thylacine (aka. Tasmanian tiger/wolf), and a stuffed okapi.

Overall I had a wonderful time. Next year we might venture to Florida, so I might go looking for the infamous Skunk Ape!

My sister and I with the terrifying Rougarou at New Orleans' Audubon Zoo

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Review: Nick Redfern's Chupacabra Road Trip

I am a frequent reader, I've read close to 500 books on the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology, and other topics of high-strangeness. Every once and a while I pick up a book that will change my entire point of view on a certain topic. An example was Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. Another was Chupacabra Road Trip by Nick Redfern.
I have been reading Redfern's books since I initially got interested in the unexplained. I have always loved his writing and how each book he writes is significant to the subject. Chupacabra Road Trip was even more than that. It convinced me that there is more the the Chupacabra mystery than just coyotes with mange and mass hysteria. 
In Chupacabra Road Trip, Redfern leads us along as he explores the misty jungles of Puerto Rico, examines the strange looking corpses of hairless canines, and even gets peed on by a bat!
The book is filled with fascinating information about the Chupacabra, much of which has never been explored before. Redfern leaves no stone unturned as he investigates every aspect of the goat-sucker, examining ever possible aspect with his unique sense of humor. 

Chupacabra Road Trip is a journey that anyone interested in the truth about the goat-sucker of Puerto Rico and hairless dog of Texas should absolutely love. You can buy the book here

(On a side note, I will be down in Mississippi for the next week. After that I will be going to Harrisburg, PA for a long weekend. Because of this, I will be unable to put anything up on the blog for the next two weeks. I will be doing some paranormal related stuff so I will make sure to write about that when I get back.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Update

I am changing my focus for my upcoming book. I decided instead of rewriting the same cases that everyone knows, I want to contribute something specific to the field.
Because of this, I have adjusted the focus of my book to looking at paranormal aspects of cryptids.

I have a great interest in the 'fringe' ideas about unknown animals. Here is the list of the chapters I will have as of right now:

  • UFOs
    • this will be to explore the idea of a connection between UFOs and cryptids; specifically Bigfoot, flying humanoids, and lake monsters
  • Extraterrestrials
    • this will be to explore the idea that some cryptids are extraterrestrial in nature: specifically Bigfoot and the chupacabra
  • Lover's Lanes
    • this will look at popular Lover's Lane cryptids such as Bigfoot, Goatman, Mothman, and Owlman
  • Earth Energies
    • this will explore the idea that cryptids have connections with 'earth energies' which would include subjects such as ley lines and powerful places (stone circles, graveyards, etc.)
  • Psychic
    • this will look at the idea that some cryptids have a psychic aspect such as Bigfoot, flying humanoids, and black dogs
  • Fairies
    • this will look at the possible connection between fairies and cryptids
  • Tulpas
    • this will look at the idea that cryptids are thought-forms created through the power of the mind
  • Ultraterrestrials
    • this will look at John Keel's idea of multi-dimensional beings (this chapter will also discuss the djinn)
  • Where does this leave cryptozoology?
    • this will discuss what will happen to cryptozoology if these creatures really aren't unknown animals

If you have any suggestions for inclusions in the book, let me know in the comments!

False Alarm: 'Kraken' Photo is Just a Rock

I recently posted about a new photo of a supposed giant squid captured by Google Earth.
Well, as it turns out, the photo is of an interesting rock outcropping known as Sail Rock.

You can find more about the Sail Rock here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Werewolf of Defiance

Defiance, Ohio, a sleepy little town, about 55 miles south of Toledo, had a series of unusual encounters in 1972 that will become whispered legend in the years after. Defiance is your average, small, Midwestern American town. Most of the people who live there make their living by working at one of the handful of factories around the area. Defiance is best known for its Fort Defiance, which has a colorful historical significance . So what happened in Defiance all those years ago? Possibly the oddest couple of Dogman encounters ever reported.
On July 25th, 1972, when two employees a local freight train company were working the graveyard shift, inspecting railcar braking systems. Ted Davis, one of the witnesses, during an interview with the Toledo Blade said, “I saw these two hairy feet. Then I looked up and he was standing there with a big stick over his shoulder. When I started to say something, he took off for the woods.” The creature was also described as having, “huge, hairy feet, fangs, and it ran side-to-side like a caveman in the movies.”
About a week after the first encounter, Davis claims to have seen the creature, at the same place as the first encounter, the rail yard. He said it looked at him from the edge of the woods, and the turned and left. That same night, a grocer reported an attack from a hairy, animal-headed creature wielding a two-by-four.
In a small town, nothing stays quiet for long. About a week after the initial events, the local newspaper caught wind of the unusual story. The headlines wrote “Horror Movie Now Playing on Fifth St.” and opened with the famous poem from The Wolf Man:
“Even a man who is pure of heart,
And says his prayers by night,
May become a wolf when the wolf bane blooms,
And the moon is clear and bright.”
The Crescent News, the local newspaper, and the Toledo Blade, ran a total of four articles about the incident. The longest of the articles focused on the local police force’s investigation into the incident. Headed by Donald Breckler, the police chief at the time, the police searched extensively for the “werewolf”. Although the general public thought that it to be a bored teenager’s prank, Chief Breckler considered the club-wielding, animal-faced assailant was a threat to the community. Eventually, after days of looking and no results, the search soon ended.
It is worth noting that Defiance, Ohio is no stranger to unusual phenomena. Within the past fifty years Defiance has seen hundreds of Unidentified Flying Objects, a Dracula lookalike running amuck, and numerous other tales of the weird.
Later this year, Ken Gerhard will be running a symposium about the Dogman and it is located in the town of Defiance. You can find more info here.

Here is one of the articles about the Defiance Werewolf

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Has a Kraken been captured on Google Earth?

People frequently find weird things on Google Earth, even the Loch Ness Monster has been seen a couple times. Recently another aquatic creature has surfaced which has cause some waves in the internet.

The image below is what has caused the discussion. Some people are saying it is a giant squid, while others are arguing that it is a surviving Plesiosaurus.

You can read more about it here.

What do you guys think? I personally think that it is a giant squid. The size (which is approx. 100 feet) fits as well as the shape. Some people are saying that the shape above the water is a plesiosaurus fin but plesiosaurus only got to be about 11 feet long, much smaller than this.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

UFO in Cleveland, New YouTube Video

A recent UFO video has surfaced and is currently making its rounds through the internet. A YouTube "underground" UFO news profile known as SecureTeam10 originally posted the video on the 13th of this month.

You can watch SecureTeam's video here.

I am undecided about the video, on one side, it is far away and doesn't have the crisp shape and distinct features that many hoaxes do, but it also gives off that hoax vibe.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Future Projects

I have four projects I am currently working on, all four of which should be completed by the end of the year.

The first project is mostly done, there is just some revisions and adjustments left. The project is a regional listing and evaluation of various diminutive humanoids. Essentially it is a directory of dwarves. I will put the directory on the Kindle Store as an ebook sometime in the future.

The second project ties into the third one; I am writing a book about the history of fortean, paranormal, and occult within the last two centuries. I am hoping it will be out by September but I am unsure.

The third project ties into the second because it is a card game which focuses on important paranormal events. More about that to be announced.

I run the paranormal club at my school. We are currently in the works of planning a paranormal conference to raise funds and to generate some cases. Again, more about that to be announced.

If you have any questions about the projects, email me or comment.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Diversity of Ohio's Bigfoot

As I have said previously, I have the great privilege of living in such a diverse state when discussing the weird. Ohio is a hotbed of everything from UFOs, to ghosts, to Bigfoot. Ohio is probably known in most cryptozoology circles for its large number of Bigfoot sightings.
Not only is Ohio in the top five for most Bigfoot sightings in the USA, it also is home to a handful of its own hairy humanoids.

The Grassman is probably the best known of Ohio's Bigfoot creatures. The name pertains to an old folk story repeated to children in order to scare them into behaving. The Grassman was equatable with the Bogey-man, if children were bad, he would kidnap them and devour them. He was known as the Grassman because he was said to lurk in tall grasses.
Grassman reappeared in cultural memory when Bigfooters in Ohio began to find large domes of reeds and grass around Ohio. The domes appeared to be woven like baskets. It was quite logical to dub the creatures making these domes, Grassmen.
Ohio Grassman - Documentary | Bigfoot Research News
Monster Quest's rendition of the Grassman

Another Ohio ape-man is the Minerva Monster. I recently did a blog post reviewing an excellent documentary about the Minerva Monster. You can find it here.
The Minerva Monster was the name given to a large, hairy ape-like humanoid seen in Minerva, Ohio in 1978. The creature quickly became ingrained within the town's culture. There is even a small festival dedicated to the creature every year.
The poster for the documentary on the Minerva Monster

The final weird ape-man I will talk about is called Orange-Eyes.
This creature is best known for its habit of visiting popular teen make-out points and peering into the windows of cars. It is named for its extremely bright, glowing eyes which are a fluorescent orange. The act of probing cars and make-out points is actually common for Bigfoot creatures.

Ohio is full of Bigfoot creatures. If you have another regional name for one or have seen a Bigfoot in Ohio, tell me about it in the comments!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Minerva Monster Documentary Review

I recently went to the wonderful event, Creature Weekend, and while I was there I got a chance to meet the producer and director of a documentary which has become very popular, Minerva Monster. The documentary was made by a team known as Small Town Monsters, who also have a documentary on the Beast of Whitehall.
I was excited about getting the documentary because I live about 45 minutes away from Minerva and when I began to be interested in cryptozoology, the Minerva Monster was one of the first creatures I looked into.
I was not disappointed. The documentary was level headed, open minded, and was very respectful of the witnesses. It was similar to any documentary on a small town and an important event within the town. It reminded my of one of Lyle Blackburn's books except in a documentary format.
I especially liked that the team treated the event as history, which it is.

Overall, Minerva Monster is a great examination of a small town and its claim to cryptozoological fame. I recommend this to anyone who lives in Ohio and to anyone who is interesting in cryptozoology.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Respected Bigfooter John Green has Passed Away

We all woke up to somber news this morning, John Green passed away. He left us on May 28 but news didn't get released until just now. I have always respected Mr. Green immensely and am very sad about his passing away. We are loosing more and more of the people who were the first in the field.

I don't think I could do an article about Mr. Green that would be worthy of his contribution and significance to the field, but here is Loren Coleman's article about him. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Fairies.... In Ohio?

Fairies have been getting increasing amounts of attention in the field of the unknown. More and more people are examining reports of fairies from around the world. I recently received two reports from someone I know. He would prefer to remain anonymous so I will refer to him only as "Paul".

Paul has been hunting almost all of his life, and he swears up and down that he has never seen anything like that since.

Paul's first encounter happened on April 19, 2010 at around 6 AM. He was turkey hunting in thick brush and since the sun had not come up, the area was cast with a greyish tint. He was facing a dirt road when he saw "Small white cat or cat-like mammal coming down [the road] toward me, followed by 2 small independent blue orbs of light." He described the orbs as "blue, about 3 ½ to 4 feet off the ground, moved in single file and followed the white creature," he also specified that the orbs moved independently of each other. The cat slowly turned down the road and walked away, the orbs followed.
Paul said that he felt that the area was protected. He even said that he, "shot 2 tom turkeys later that month. Both got back up and ran away. I have not experienced that since, I have killed a total of 15 turkeys in my hunting career and I have never had that happen."

His second story is even more strange.

On September 26, 2010, Paul was deer hunting in a tree stand, on a friend's property. He was surrounded by weeds and trees. Around 4:30 PM, he began to hear a strange buzzing sound near his head. After a split second, a large, brownish tan winged creature flew close in front of his face. He said it was larger than a Dobson fly or dragonfly. He described it as a small, 8 inch tall, humanoid with two sets of wings. He said the wings were moving extremely fast. The encounter lasted about five seconds and then the winged creature flew away into the woods. He got the impression that the creature did not want him to shoot anything and was protecting the area.
Paul said that the elderly woman who owned the property passed away later that year. In her will, she wanted her son to plant a ring of trees right in front of where the 'fairy' was seen by Paul. The son also, after being told about the encounter, said that there have been previous encounters and that he wasn't surprised, given his mother's enthusiasm for the Little People.

This is the sketch by "Paul" of the fairy creature he encountered in September of 2010

I think these two stories are very interesting. Paul is an experienced hunter and still says he has no idea as to what he encountered those two days.
Something I think is very interesting is that both sightings have the element of a sense of protection for the wilderness, which is commonplace in fairy lore. Also, note the face of the winged creature, it resembles that of a Grey alien. 

Interesting stories. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Creature Weekend

I have gone to a lot of paranormal conventions and conferences; the Mothman Fest, Pittsburgh and Erie MUFON conferences, the Butler Paranormal Conference, and now Creature Weekend. Out of all of those, Creature Weekend has managed to take all of my favorite components of all the others and improve upon them. I had a blast!

The speakers were all extremely nice and great to hang out with. I already knew Ron Murphy and Ken Gerhard so we got to hang out more. I did get to meet Ron Morehead who is very laid-back and cool to talk with.
With my good friend, Ron Murphy

With the one, the only Ken Gerhard

With the infamous Ron Morehead

The Center for Cryptozoological Studies was also there, of which I am a proud member. Brian Seech and Terrie Seech are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
I got to run the Center for Cryptozoological Studies' evidence table

At the evidence sharing event with Brian Seech
The Ohio Bigfoot Co-Op was there as well. They gave an interesting presentation about their research in Salt Fork State Park.
The esteemed Steven Blair and Mark Hudak of the Ohio Bigfoot Co-Op
I also got a chance to see the new Beast of Whitehall documentary from Small Town Monsters, which was great. I purchased the Minerva Monster documentary which I will be reviewing soon.

The Creature Weekend was an awesome event, one of my favorites. The atmosphere was super laid-back and everyone was awesome to hang out with. I loved every minute of it. I am definitely coming back next year.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Creature Weekend is soon!

I try to go to as many paranormal conferences as I can. I have gone to two MUFON conferences, the Mothman Festival, and the Butler Paranormal Conference. I love meeting all the different researchers and witnesses, having discussions, buying books, and attending talks on a wide range of topics within the weird. This weekend has an upcoming event which I have anxiously looked forward to since I had heard about it.
So what is the long awaited event? Creature Weekend.
Creature Weekend is a chance for lovers of cryptids and monsters to meet, talk, hang out, and learn lots about every creature you can think of.

This year has an awesome set of speakers;
Ron Murphy... Ron is a really good friend of mine, he is an expert on fairies and is a seasoned cryptid researcher. He has numerous crypto-focused books, all of which are highly, highly recommended.
Ken Gerhard... Ken is an awesome researcher who always brings something new to the table with each of his books. He is a great guy who is really cool to hang out with.
Ron Morehead... Ron is a seasoned Bigfoot researcher. He is best known for his astonishing recording of supposed Bigfoot vocalizations, known as the Sierra Sounds.

The Center for Cryptozoological Studies will also be there, Brian Seech is always fun to talk to.

Needless to say, this will be an awesome weekend.
I cannot wait. I will write a short post about the event when I get back.
You can find information on the event here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tips on Finding a Bigfoot from a Seasoned Hunter

Edward Ovian is a seasoned hunter and a good friend of my family's. He was kind enough to write a short list of tips for finding Bigfoot for my blog. Here is the list in Ed's own words;

  • Stealth, keep your clothes, body, and equipment (as much as possible) scent free
  • Set up with wind in your face or crosswind with a natural barrier behind you. Don't get winded or snuck up on.
  • You're in ambush mode, not 'tromping-and-making-noise' mode 
  • Moving around constantly with a video crew will lead to failure
  • If the creature exists, they must have acute smell, hearing, and vision. Set up down wind or crosswind as stated above
  • Although you are not killing, you are hunting
  • Wear camouflage from head to toe and stay still
  • Tree knocking will give your position away, in my opinion. No one knows their vocabulary, just a hunch, but that one is answering back is them busting you
    • I have learned to call deer/turkey into close range
    • Call wrong or too often and game over
  • Remember they live out there 24/7, we don't. Think about terrain and movement points like they would. Set up and be patient. 
  • Call very sparingly

So what do you think? Is this an accurate list? I think it is. If you have anymore tips, let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alabama Bigfoot Hunters

A family in Alabama are unhappy with a frequent visitor, Bigfoot.
The family, who reportedly have has encounters with the hairy creature since last year, are now claiming, "We know where it lives and how it travels, all we want is for someone to capture and remove it, or we will find it and kill it."
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has done field work in the area and the local representative does agree that there is a Bigfoot in the area.
You can read the rest of the story here

This brings up the question; should we kill Bigfoot to prove its existence? 
There are places, including Skamania County, Washington, in which it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch, but in the majority of states, there is no such law in place. Many argue that since the animal, if it exists, would be so human-like the act of killing one could be equated with the murder of another human being. Others point out that the animal might be severely endangered, so killing one might be significantly negative for the recovery of the animals. 
But to look at the other side of the argument; 
In the history of zoology, most large mammals were categorize by the killing of a specimen and then the capture of another. Also, they argue that without a body many will continue to be skeptical of the existence. There are multiple shows where people hunt for Bigfoot in order to kill it, such as Killing Bigfoot and the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. 

What do you think? I see merits on both sides, but I tend to lean to the anti-killing side. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Season 1, Episode 1 – Bigfoot’s ... Killing Bigfoot: Meet the Hunters : Destination America

Monday, May 30, 2016

Wright Patterson Airbase UFO

Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio has been connected with UFOs since the very beginning of ufology. There are many who claim that it houses parts of the Roswell UFO, the Kecksburg crash (including possible inhabitants) and the remains of one or more Bigfoot.
Basically, if it is weird, Wright Patterson has likely has it.

That being said, the connection doesn't stop there, the county that the base is in and surrounding counties generally have more numerous amounts of sightings than other parts of Ohio.

Recently, the internet has been buzzing about two different videos of an unusual object which surfaced a few days ago.

You can watch the videos here.

I think that these videos are interesting. When I watched them, I was reminded of a well known ufological phenomenon, the Black Knight Satellite.
There certainly is a similar shape between them.

What do you think? Hoax, military craft, alien ship, or mysterious ancient satellite? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Current Politics and UFOs

Hillary Clinton, it seems that you either love her or hate her, but that doesn't change the fact that she is running for president, and has a fair chance of winning.
One of Hillary's most controversial campaign promises is if she is elected president, previously classified governmental UFO documents would be put into the light.
This claim made by Clinton has sparked much online discussion and debate.

Some have also begun to speculate about whether or not Obama will release UFO documents before Hillary has the chance. Nothing is currently confirmed and the White House is simply dodging the related inquiries, but it does seem like a plausible possibility.

You can read more about the discussion here and here.

What do you think? Should the government release any remaining UFO files? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Favorite Websites

I wanted to write a quick post about some of my favorite paranormal, cryptozoology, or just plain weird websites. So, without further ado, here is a list of my top five favorite unexplained themed websites.

1. Phantoms and Monsters
Run by fellow blogger and researcher Lon Strickler, Phantoms and Monsters is probably one of the biggest paranormal blogs out there. Lon often posts multiple times everyday on subjects that cover every aspect of the weird. Great resource to keep around.

2. Unexplained Mysteries
Unexplained Mysteries is a new source, an encyclopedia, and a forum of the strange. Think of anything weird and it is likely somewhere on Unexplained Mysteries. It has a huge amount of forum members discussing everything from the latest Bigfoot sighting to the most recent SpaceX launch.

3. Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone
Stan Gordon is a veteran UFO and Bigfoot research, he has been working in the field for over 50 years. Stan is based in Pennsylvania, so most of the information on his website is about PA occurrences but all of them are fascinating and odd.

4. Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...
Nick Redfern is a dedicated UFO, cryptid, and Fortean researcher who is also a very prolific author of books and articles. Redfern updates his blog with new articles written by him on some very obscure and weird phenomena.

5. Tyler's Cryptozoo
Tyler is another kid who is beginning in the cryptozoology field. He has been doing it a little longer than I have. Tyler is a great writer and posts some very interesting blog entries. Definitely check his blog out.

On Wildman: Tracking Bigfoot Through History by Ronald L. Murphy, Jr: A Book Review

For most kids, Bigfoot is a fascination. It was for me and many of my fellow classmates. Although most of them eventually grew out of the obsession. I never did, and I am glad Ron Murphy didn't either.

Ron's new book, On Wildman, recently came out and I just read it today.

It was an absolute joy to read, detailed and consistently entertaining.

On Wildman focuses on Ron's journey through the deep forests and murky swamps of the world's mythologies and folklore in search of hairy man-beasts.

Ron covers nearly every aspect of the Wildman mythos. From the Greek satyrs to the English woodwose, from Shakespeare's Caliban to the Nephilim of the Bible, Ron graciously covers it all.

The book is masterfully written and pleasantly illustrated with art from various cultures throughout history.

If you are interested in Bigfoot or any of its cohorts, get this book.
If you are interested in folklore and myth of cryptids, get this book.
If you are interested in primates in myth, get this book.

Anyone even vaguely interested in the topic of cryptozoology and folklore should get this book.

It is destined to be a classic piece of cryptozoological writing.

Click here to buy the book!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pterosaurs, Thunderbirds, and Pyncofibers

I recently reread the wonderful book Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters by Ken Gerhard and it sparked an interesting question in my mind; if, as we suspect according to paleontology, pterosaurs had pyncofibers (similar to a cross between feathers and fur) on their bodies, why do we not get more reports of anomalous birds and flying reptiles with such structures?
From what I can tell, there is no evolutionary reason for pyncofibers to have been lost through time. They would have simply improved over time.

This leaves us with a couple possibilities;

First, maybe the sightings aren't of pterosaurs. This is quite a likely possibility, animals flying through the sky can distort their appearance and maybe make them look like something one would described as pterosaurs. Places where most Thunderbird sightings occur, do have their own fair share of known large birds, Texas is an excellent example.

Second, maybe the creatures are zooforms. This is a possibility which is gaining more attention and support. Physical animals of that size remaining hidden, especially ones that fly, for so long in populated areas are extremely unlikely. Non-physical apparitions seems slightly more likely.

Thirdly, maybe what people are seeing actually are pterosaurs and I am completely wrong.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

Canada's Werewolf Hunter

On the night of April 14 and the morning of April 15, 2014 there was a full, blood moon, as well as a lunar eclipse. This created a very creepy atmosphere, which, naturally, lead to students at the University of Calgary to throw parties and generally be collage kids.

Unfortunately, the creepy atmosphere also lead another student to a different activity. Matthew de Grood murdered five students because he claimed they were werewolves.

The Canadian courts are currently ruling on the case now. You can find more details about the case here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Book by Cryptozoologist and Folklorist Ronald Murphy Jr.!

Ronald Murphy Jr. is a world class expert on fairies, writer, actor, and cryptozoologist extraordinaire.
He has written numerous books, both non-fiction and fictional, including On Dogman, On Mermaids, and The Unexplained World of the Chestnut Ridge.
Ron is a seasoned researcher with cryptozoological and folkloric subject. He has done extensive research for all of his books and all are extremely well written and detailed.
I am glad to call Ron my friend and associate, he has done much for the subject.

He has come out with a new book!
On Wildman: Tracking Bigfoot Through History
On Wildman is his third book in his 'On' series where he examines the cultural and mythological origins of well known figures in cryptozoology. His other two were about Mermaids and Dogman.

I ordered his new book last night and cannot wait until it comes. After I read through, I will do a review as well.

I highly recommend anything Ron has written. You can find his website here and his new book here.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The North America Dogman Project

Joedy Cook, well known and respected Bigfoot research from Ohio, has recently begun a new group focusing on research of the Dogman phenomenon.

The new group is called the North American Dogman Project and is looking for new members.
I recently joined the group and am looking forward to working with Joedy in the future.

You can find the NADP's website here.

UFOs and the EgyptAir disappearance

The disappearance of planes and Unidentified Flying Objects have a long history together. Many boats and planes which went missing in the Bermuda Triangle are supposedly related to UFOs. This is a small following among theories which state the some well known plane disasters are related to UFOs in some way.
This seems true with the recent EgyptAir plane disappearance. Two Turkish pilots reported "an unidentified object with green lights passed 2 to 3,000 feet above..." when they were 17,000 feet up.
The encounter occurred just an hour before the EgyptAir event.

You can read more details on the crash and the UFOs here.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Spiritualism is the name for the rise in occult studies and attempt to contact the spirit world during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The beliefs were spread by various groups, both serious and fraudulent, that were very abundant during these times. The movement has been associated with the modern obsession with the occult and psychics. Many connected to the spiritualist movement turned out to be frauds but there were some genuinely believing groups. The movement is also considered to be the rise of psychics and fortune-tellers.
The roots of the movement can be traced to Kate and Margaret Fox, sisters who claimed that spirits were communicating with them through a series of knocks and taps but were later shown to be frauds. After the Fox sisters went public with their claim, many followed. Spiritualism was extremely popular among minorities, mainly because of their belief in equality for all. Spiritualism also claimed to be the middle grounds between religion and science, and because of this, spiritualism was demonized by most religious orthodoxies. During World War I, spiritualism gain many supporters in Europe, mainly because spiritualism supported the belief of spirits of the dead lingering. Over time, spiritualism gained a more political standing and was further frowned upon.
Spiritualism’s most popular idea was that through the right equipment and ritual, you could contact the dead. Contact was done through things such as seances, specific boxes used for communication, discussions through mediums, channeling, and automatic writing. The two best known people who were active in the spiritualist movement, either against or for, were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini.
Spiritualism is still popular today. Psychics, frauds, and ghost hunters are quite common. As many as 41% of people in the United States believe in a form of psychic abilities and as many as 35% of people in the U.S. believe in ghosts and spirits. There are many television shows that focus on the ‘adventures’ of those who appear to search for the unknown.

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Foundations of Parapsychology by Hoyt L. Edge, Robert L. Morris, John Palmer, and Joseph H. Rush