Monday, June 6, 2016

Fairies.... In Ohio?

Fairies have been getting increasing amounts of attention in the field of the unknown. More and more people are examining reports of fairies from around the world. I recently received two reports from someone I know. He would prefer to remain anonymous so I will refer to him only as "Paul".

Paul has been hunting almost all of his life, and he swears up and down that he has never seen anything like that since.

Paul's first encounter happened on April 19, 2010 at around 6 AM. He was turkey hunting in thick brush and since the sun had not come up, the area was cast with a greyish tint. He was facing a dirt road when he saw "Small white cat or cat-like mammal coming down [the road] toward me, followed by 2 small independent blue orbs of light." He described the orbs as "blue, about 3 ½ to 4 feet off the ground, moved in single file and followed the white creature," he also specified that the orbs moved independently of each other. The cat slowly turned down the road and walked away, the orbs followed.
Paul said that he felt that the area was protected. He even said that he, "shot 2 tom turkeys later that month. Both got back up and ran away. I have not experienced that since, I have killed a total of 15 turkeys in my hunting career and I have never had that happen."

His second story is even more strange.

On September 26, 2010, Paul was deer hunting in a tree stand, on a friend's property. He was surrounded by weeds and trees. Around 4:30 PM, he began to hear a strange buzzing sound near his head. After a split second, a large, brownish tan winged creature flew close in front of his face. He said it was larger than a Dobson fly or dragonfly. He described it as a small, 8 inch tall, humanoid with two sets of wings. He said the wings were moving extremely fast. The encounter lasted about five seconds and then the winged creature flew away into the woods. He got the impression that the creature did not want him to shoot anything and was protecting the area.
Paul said that the elderly woman who owned the property passed away later that year. In her will, she wanted her son to plant a ring of trees right in front of where the 'fairy' was seen by Paul. The son also, after being told about the encounter, said that there have been previous encounters and that he wasn't surprised, given his mother's enthusiasm for the Little People.

This is the sketch by "Paul" of the fairy creature he encountered in September of 2010

I think these two stories are very interesting. Paul is an experienced hunter and still says he has no idea as to what he encountered those two days.
Something I think is very interesting is that both sightings have the element of a sense of protection for the wilderness, which is commonplace in fairy lore. Also, note the face of the winged creature, it resembles that of a Grey alien. 

Interesting stories. Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. While I don't agree that hunting is necessarily wrong, I do think that these cases do show that there is a chance of these creatures existing and fancying themselves as protectors of the woods

  2. Very interesting... Had never heard of any "fairy" sightings in North America before.

    It's also interesting to me that in the first sighting the witness described orbs of light(sounds almost like "ghost lights" to me) and that there was a cat-like critter with them. It may be unrelated, but I've heard reports of mysterious cats seen at the same time and place as Bigfoot as well.

    1. That is interesting because I have heard of the opposite- I have read much about fairies in North America but have not heard of the cat connection with Bigfoot. Ghost lights are also called fairy lights. Paul has called them fairy lights a couple times. Will-o-the-Wisps is the fairy type which supposedly causes spook lights

    2. I've heard of sightings of cats and bigfoots at least twice - once in Minerva, OH and in another case where a family reported seeing something bigfoot-like, UFOs, and a mysterious panther, also in Ohio, I think.

  3. The fae are native to everywhere they wherever nature is