Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Review: Nick Redfern's Chupacabra Road Trip

I am a frequent reader, I've read close to 500 books on the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology, and other topics of high-strangeness. Every once and a while I pick up a book that will change my entire point of view on a certain topic. An example was Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. Another was Chupacabra Road Trip by Nick Redfern.
I have been reading Redfern's books since I initially got interested in the unexplained. I have always loved his writing and how each book he writes is significant to the subject. Chupacabra Road Trip was even more than that. It convinced me that there is more the the Chupacabra mystery than just coyotes with mange and mass hysteria. 
In Chupacabra Road Trip, Redfern leads us along as he explores the misty jungles of Puerto Rico, examines the strange looking corpses of hairless canines, and even gets peed on by a bat!
The book is filled with fascinating information about the Chupacabra, much of which has never been explored before. Redfern leaves no stone unturned as he investigates every aspect of the goat-sucker, examining ever possible aspect with his unique sense of humor. 

Chupacabra Road Trip is a journey that anyone interested in the truth about the goat-sucker of Puerto Rico and hairless dog of Texas should absolutely love. You can buy the book here

(On a side note, I will be down in Mississippi for the next week. After that I will be going to Harrisburg, PA for a long weekend. Because of this, I will be unable to put anything up on the blog for the next two weeks. I will be doing some paranormal related stuff so I will make sure to write about that when I get back.)

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  1. You always make me want to hurry and get a new book! Have a safe and fun adventure!