Friday, May 27, 2016

Favorite Websites

I wanted to write a quick post about some of my favorite paranormal, cryptozoology, or just plain weird websites. So, without further ado, here is a list of my top five favorite unexplained themed websites.

1. Phantoms and Monsters
Run by fellow blogger and researcher Lon Strickler, Phantoms and Monsters is probably one of the biggest paranormal blogs out there. Lon often posts multiple times everyday on subjects that cover every aspect of the weird. Great resource to keep around.

2. Unexplained Mysteries
Unexplained Mysteries is a new source, an encyclopedia, and a forum of the strange. Think of anything weird and it is likely somewhere on Unexplained Mysteries. It has a huge amount of forum members discussing everything from the latest Bigfoot sighting to the most recent SpaceX launch.

3. Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone
Stan Gordon is a veteran UFO and Bigfoot research, he has been working in the field for over 50 years. Stan is based in Pennsylvania, so most of the information on his website is about PA occurrences but all of them are fascinating and odd.

4. Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...
Nick Redfern is a dedicated UFO, cryptid, and Fortean researcher who is also a very prolific author of books and articles. Redfern updates his blog with new articles written by him on some very obscure and weird phenomena.

5. Tyler's Cryptozoo
Tyler is another kid who is beginning in the cryptozoology field. He has been doing it a little longer than I have. Tyler is a great writer and posts some very interesting blog entries. Definitely check his blog out.

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