Friday, May 27, 2016

On Wildman: Tracking Bigfoot Through History by Ronald L. Murphy, Jr: A Book Review

For most kids, Bigfoot is a fascination. It was for me and many of my fellow classmates. Although most of them eventually grew out of the obsession. I never did, and I am glad Ron Murphy didn't either.

Ron's new book, On Wildman, recently came out and I just read it today.

It was an absolute joy to read, detailed and consistently entertaining.

On Wildman focuses on Ron's journey through the deep forests and murky swamps of the world's mythologies and folklore in search of hairy man-beasts.

Ron covers nearly every aspect of the Wildman mythos. From the Greek satyrs to the English woodwose, from Shakespeare's Caliban to the Nephilim of the Bible, Ron graciously covers it all.

The book is masterfully written and pleasantly illustrated with art from various cultures throughout history.

If you are interested in Bigfoot or any of its cohorts, get this book.
If you are interested in folklore and myth of cryptids, get this book.
If you are interested in primates in myth, get this book.

Anyone even vaguely interested in the topic of cryptozoology and folklore should get this book.

It is destined to be a classic piece of cryptozoological writing.

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