Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shadow People

Worldwide people report seeing shadowy figures, witnesses say they have an evil presence and seem to want to harm them. These figures are known as shadow people and have recently been terrorizing thousands around the world. Witnesses say the entities appear as silhouettes with no facial features or any features at all but seem to appear as male. They are described as “blacker than black” by most who’ve had the misfortune to have an encounter. The shadow people have also been reported to be wearing hats and coats on occasion. Although they are shadowy in appearance they do not appear transparent in most sightings.
Almost every encounter with one of the shadow people is accompanied with paralyzing fear which is inflicted upon the witness. Many times this fear is long lasting and stays with the person days, even months, after the encounter. Witnesses have been known to develop a fear of darkness and nighttime as well.
Shadow people are commonly reported to be seen in the witness’ bedroom, the witness wakes up suddenly and sees a silhouette standing over their bed, watching them, then the thing seemingly melts into nothingness, leaving the witness alone, and horrified. Shadow people have been reported in almost any type of setting, from museums to zoos to random hallways and outdoor gatherings.
The shadow people phenomena is significant in two ways, it is one of the most widespread paranormal phenomena and it is also one of the most interconnected paranormal phenomena. It has been linked to extraterrestrials, djinn, black eyed children, Native American spirits, ghosts, demons, and even multidimensional beings.
The shadow people phenomena is among one of the most puzzling and mysterious paranormal happenings in the world.

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