Monday, May 23, 2016

The North America Dogman Project

Joedy Cook, well known and respected Bigfoot research from Ohio, has recently begun a new group focusing on research of the Dogman phenomenon.

The new group is called the North American Dogman Project and is looking for new members.
I recently joined the group and am looking forward to working with Joedy in the future.

You can find the NADP's website here.


  1. This is really cool… I'll have to check it out.

  2. 3/24/16 I FOUND DOGMAN BACK FEET FOOTPRINTS 6in long x 4 inch wide along the creek bank for about 1/2 mile at BRUSH CREEK COUNTY PARK BEAVER FALLS, PA NORTH OF PITTSBURGH. It appeared to be hunting or following a scent? Many stops and starting again, changing direction. THE MUD WAS THICK IN A FEW PLACES AND THE FOOTPRINTS SUNK DOWN 2-3 INCHES ALMOST LIKE IT GOT ITS FOOT STUCK. WEIGHED 200 LBS?

    1. Could you email me? We could discuss the prints further that way.